Modernize OmniFocus

A new theme to make Omnifocus look like Omnifocus 2

Omnifocus 2 was available for a couple months as a private beta but Omnigroup decided to go quiet and stop releasing updates for a while (more info here)

I'm still using OmniFocus 1 but enjoyed the modern look of OF2 so I made this theme to implement some of the icons and styles of OF2.

The theme changes some of the resources inside so the icons for the inbox, library, folder, projects, the big checkboxes and the color scheme are the same as OF2.



Projects list
Contexts list
Action state colors

Installing the theme

We are changing some of the icons and images inside so the installation it's not as simple as just double clicking the .ofocus-theme file. There is a small script to copy the resources to the proper places, just follow this instructions:

Get and install the latest version from Github:

Just copy and paste in a terminal:

curl -L -O
unzip; rm
cd Omnifocus-modernize-theme-master
sh ./

When prompted, click "Replace" to apply the theme, and restart OmniFocus.

Notes and troubleshooting

- If you have the App Store version of omnifocus, you will need to run the script using sudo (sudo sh ./
- By default, the script assumes that OmniFocus is installed in /Applications/ This can be configured in line 3 of and
- If you get an error "File is not executable" or similar, then type:

chmod a+x ./


The install script makes a copy of the as Omnifocus-backup. You can rename it manually or running:

cd Omnifocus-modernize-theme ;
sh ./

Found some errors? Want to help?

The theme is hosted in github. If you want to improve it, feel free to fork it and make a pull request here:


The icons from OF2 are taken without permission. All assets are property of Omnigroup.